Homecare Products

Eco-friendly range of plant-based derived and biodegradable household cleaning products. HALAL certified by JAKIM.
Multi-purpose Stain Remover

Quickly & effectively removes cookware stains and stubborn hard surface stains in hard to reach places without damaging or eroding surfaces and stainless works.

Glass Cleaner

Effective and easy to use. It thoroughly cleanses grease and grime, leaving glass crystal clear and streak free.

Kitchen Degreaser & Cookware Cleaner

Removes buildup of oil, grease and hard-to-wash food soils. Grease-free and residue-free

Germs Free

A powerful and effective disinfectant cleaner against fungus and organisms. Ideal for cooktops and exercise equipment.

Enzyme Laundry & Mattress Stain Remover

Effectively removes tough stains including grease, blood, make-up, red wine, coffee and sauces without leaving any residue.

Floor Cleaner
Eliminates 99.9% Germs*

pH Balance with anti-dust agent. Cleans fast and effectively removes dust, dirt and stains. It dries quickly, brightens and leaves surfaces smooth and non-sticky. 

Enzyme Laundry Detergent
Eliminates 99.9% Germs*

Suitable for indoor drying. Anti-malodour and effectively removes stubborn stains without the need for long soaking.

Eradicate bed bugs & dust mites

Certified in the U.K. and has proven to be able
to stop bed bugs and dust mites effectively.

Odour Removal, Kills 99.9% Germs*

Eliminates unpleasant odours including from tobacco, urine and pets. Certified in the UK and Malaysia. Keeps surfaces sanitised against a wide range of bacteria

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